The past three months have been utterly amazing! The Willynn that left the United States back in February has been evolving for the better. I have been thrust out of my comfort zone physically, mentally and emotionally. I must admit, my challenges, here in Korea never felt good at the time in which they were happening. But, I am beyond thankful for them. In this season of my life, I am learning how to see things as a collective whole; everything is intertewined with no seperate parts. It’s like my life is being woven into something I just cannot yet pinpoint. I just pray it will be great, masterful and full of purpose.

I come from a small intimate Haitian family. My parents always taught my siblings and I to always strive for the best. No matter what opposition may come our way; to always work at our greatest potential. Their principals of wisdom produced the faith, hope and courage I have today. I can’t help  wondering about the prayers they had for me while I was being morphed in my mother’s womb. Did they pray for the woman I have become? Has God fulfilled the promises he spoken to them about me? I also think about my ancestors, those known and unknown. I can’t help thinking about their dreams. Did they know about me, before I even was a thought in my parents minds? Am I living their dreams, seeing their visions, am I speaking their truths?

The questions that I ask are being answered everyday all around me. I know this, because my whole life, I’ve been walking in the same drumbeat. If I had one word to describe my life journey it would be, DRUM. Yes, I am a percussion instrument. No one knows how loud my sound is until it is struck with a hand or a set of sticks. Life is often the weapon that stricks my drum.  The moment the sticks hit my tightly stretched membrane, I become the bold soul hidden within. I have no choice but to produce a booming sound. My life journey is  a reflection of those that came before me. In the future, possibly, my children will inquire of the same questions that I seek after. They won’t have to look too far, because even when I’m gone, my drum will always be their resounding sound.

I’m just speaking out loud in my process of becoming…

Signing Out,

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

Willynn Sanon Thompson

Writer: Esther Lynn




“And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old man shall dream dreams, and your young man shall see visions.” Joel 2:28


Life Hike

I’m living this amazing race called, life. Often times, my SHAPE (spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, personality, experiences) is questioned by my own worst enemy, me. I’ve always been a person in search of deeper meaning, and when I have a hard time finding it, I hide. I’ll conceal myself from the world and those that genuinely love me. The problem with this type of behavior is I miss out on opportunities to develop the SHAPE God so diligently placed inside of me.

Earlier last week, I found myself absorbed in my own thoughts. I had this self-sabotaging voice in back of my mind saying, I will never be good enough. I was having a hard time getting out of myself. I sat in my writer’s room, quiet in my chair, looking out the window. I was in search of something deeper within me. But, I was having a hard time retrieving whatever it was — until I heard God say, so softly, “You’re in search of seeing the world, while the world is waiting to see more of you. Where are you?” I was trapped in a fetal position inside of my own thoughts, fears and anxieties. I wanted so much more that I failed to realize my incremental improvements.

I forgot my SHAPE, the promises spoken over my life. I lost touch of MY song of deliverance, better yet, the song that God gave me. Don’t get me wrong, I was still singing, but my song became just mere words without meaning. My soul was crying out, “Willynn, please… just feed me!”  When I heard God speak, my mind began to stretch. I started to remember the high mountains I had to climb to be the woman I am today. I became overwhelmed with the strength that only He can give. I was in awe with His love.

Micah and I went on our first camping trip last weekend. We hiked for five hours on this steep mountain in Boseong. I initially thought the hike would be only an hour long. Every time I thought it was almost over, our hiking guide kept on going. My knees were weak and my body was physically exhausted. But what kept me motivated was the peak of the mountain. No matter how I felt emotionally and physically, I was determined to get to the top of that mountain. Life is a lot like hiking. It takes an enduring spirit to live out the journey in order to get to the destination. I’m learning deeper meaning is found when I embrace my SHAPE; it is only then that I can stretch and retrieve the wisdom buried deep down inside. Are you living out your SHAPE?

The Process of Becoming: Speaking Out Loud…

Signing Out,

Sunday, May 15th, 2016

Willynn Sanon Thompson

Writer: Esther Lynn

P.S. Micah and I started a Vlog on Youtube called, MicNilly Adventures in Korea! Be sure to check us and out!