Left It All At The Airport

Six months ago, I looked in my families eyes with tears streaming down mine. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to travel the world to see what else was out there, besides the New England area. Deep down inside, I knew my family members and close friends didn’t really understand my desire to live abroad. They were just trying their absolute best to be supportive. I appreciate their courage in trusting our (Micah and I’s) decision. It wasn’t until recently, after a friend from back home came to visit, that I realized everything familiar that I ever knew and understood was left completely at the airport. The moment Micah and I took our first steps away from the people we loved the most, to follow the call on our lives, is the moment in time where we decided our lives are so much bigger and greater than just us. 

Our lives our bigger than the people we call family, friends and home. It’s greater than what makes us feel comfortable or asserts us as talented individuals. Our lives are a lifeline paving the way for those coming after us and completing the work of those that went before us. “I”, “We,” “Us” has nothing to do with individual accomplishments. But, it has everything to do with collectivness. Everything that has helped us get to this moment in time and space. The endless prayers of our parents, even when they didn’t understand it. The supportive words of our friends, although they were highly against it. The decisions to obey the words of our creator, even if it caused us to walk in the depths of the unknown. All was left at the airport.

Our first steps were the runway. Our dreams, visions and prayers were the aircraft that catipuleted us to God’s desired destination. In preparation to our take off, we had to pack light. We could not take all of our belongings. Somethings had to be left behind. There was a weight limit, a cut off- we had to trust when God said, it was enough; but more importantly trust in his radar signals that HE was enough. 

 What does the airport signify? Well, it represents the coming of age, specifically emotional maturity. In order to get on an airplane your letting go of your fears, negative thoughts and trusting the pilot to guide the plane safely to your set destination. The airport also represents departure and arrival. It reflects a set timetable and necessary procedures that must be in place before taking off. Collectivism has a vital role in the way in which it operates. In retrospect, the airport symbolizes life transitions and ultimately freedom from everything familiar to start anew. Everything was left at the airport.

Now, six months later, I’m realizing you never really know the outcome of trusting an aircraft to get you to your set destination. But, is it really the airplane you must trust in; or is it the voice deep down inside, whispering go? If Micah and I chose to stay in the States and live among everything that was familiar, where would our lives be? Would we truly be content with who we are and who God called us to be? I don’t know the answers to my questions, but I’m extremely glad we made the decision to leave everything at the airport.

I’m just speaking out loud in my process of becoming…

Signing Out,

Sunday, August 8th, 2016

Esther Lynn