A Grateful Heart

I will and forever be grateful for the time Micah, and I are spending abroad in Korea. This journey has been nothing short of a blessing. We both grown tremendously in our faith, giftings, and overall love for life and people. We traveled to different countries and exposed ourselves to various cultures across Asia. Although we still have a lot more traveling to do, the short time we’ve been living abroad are filled with endless MicNillyAdventures.

Thus far, 2017 has been a fantastic year.  I enjoy the company of my colleagues. It’s nothing like last year at all. All the bad apples are finally gone, including my selfish, independent American mentality. A new set of fresh minds started this academic year, and it has been such a joy working with them and getting to know them in and outside of the classroom. It’s always good to have good vibes with the people you work alongside. It makes the whole work environment so much easier and less stressful. After all most of my time is spent at work during the weekdays.

My students are overwhelmingly cute and super loving towards me. This school year, I teach first through sixth graders. My first and second graders call me Moana and are often intrigued with my hair and skin tone. I’m sure I’m the first black person they ever saw, LOL! My sixth graders are not that eventful but not too bad for teenagers.

The weather is getting nicer and the yellow dust season is hopefully almost over. Air pollution in Korea is horrible, to say the least. When I lived in America, I use to wonder why people in China wear mask over their mouths. I understand now. Korea has taught me to appreciate the clear air days. I will never take it for granted again.

In any case, life is great and full of wonder. Grateful to God for the community of people we have around us and the endless experiences we have had in the past few months. This blog post just serves as an update. Life is good and changing us for the better.

Till Next time,

Esther Lynn

Let’s Have A Conversation

I was taught at an early age the depths of words. I learned the immense weight that can transcend an atmosphere by the expressions, we, as people, use to express what’s hidden, stored, and felt in our hearts. I’m still a working progress, but in recent years, I have come to a conclusion, reflection is necessary, and awareness is imperative. So, I was then left with this question, what impact do our words have on the relationships that surround us. Let’s have a conversation. You and I. Face-to-face with locked eyes.

Let’s have a conversation about relationships. You see, too often we get it confused. When I speak, I often feel cross-referenced. It’s like I’m partially non-existent. Conversations unfold with what you heard and the words I actually spoke. You misguide my details, and they are often missing from the whole interaction.
Your reaction is never a response at all, but rather a flare up of raging emotions. Relations can either be existential or only sustained by vile contentment.

Let’s have a conversation where judgment is at a distance and wounds from words doesn’t exist. Let’s get past the surface fluff and reach deeper in our understanding. Where we no longer have to hold back our authentic thoughts in an attempt to save ourselves from our dismantled hearts. Let’s come together. You and I. Face-to-face with locked eyes. Let’s have a conversation to speak out loud the truths hidden in our broken places to release, the torrent suppressed underneath our emotional tides.

Let’s have a conversation where we stop hiding from ourselves; Where we turn away from our loneliness and confront our shame. Let’s have a conversation where our vulnerability has an open invitation to our discussion. Let’s come together. You and I. Face-to-face with locked eyes. Let’s have a conversation; where we stop defining ourselves by the pain that once masked us. Let’s go on this journey, you and I. Where we explore the world as warriors of light.

Let’s go deeper, where light no longer hides from darkness, uncertainty, and lies; where inner truths are spoken out loud; surpassing our outside borders. I was taught at an early age the depths of words. I learned the immense weight that can transcend an atmosphere by the expressions, we, as people, use to express what’s hidden, stored, and felt in our hearts. So, I was then left with this question, what impact our words have on the relationships that surround us.

My learned experiences taught me this: Words are learned. Words are remembered. Words are genuine. Words are expressed. Our words tell the real truth about our character. So, never neglect the importance of a real conversation.

I’ll Listen

Listen, a word often used but hardly ever applied. Thanks for sharing Micah Josiah.

Micah Speaks

I’ll listen

With eyes and ears I’ll listen

With mind and heart I’ll listen

Because you’re worthy

Because you’re worth it

I’ll hear words worthwhile

Though I truly don’t deserve it

I spent more time ignoring

Your glorious utterances

More time indulging in lies

Suffocating the cries

Of my soul

Hungry for something with substance

Bloated with nothing but hot air

Gasses that blow with the wind

Ever changing

Never answering my questions from within

Nothing to hold on to

Nothing to stand on

Ominous clouds

Hiding the light of the Son

I see them clearing

As I listen to sounds of your love

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To The Runners

To The Runners: (Spoken Word Version)

If God was to tell you everything that is to come, would you be able to bear it, handle it or would you run from it? Chances are you would run. This is to the runners. The young soul that allows fear to grip them. The women that tend to say yes, but need to say no; the men that struggle with consistency. This is to you, the runners that numb their senses, to distract themselves from experiencing reality. My message to you, stop running aimlessly!

To the runners: you’re capable of achieving great exploits. You have the power to go above and beyond where you stand now. The problem is your motivation. You get caught up in the expectations and opinions of mere man. Don’t you know what they say about you, they struggle with too? Or are you so blind to their manipulative words that you fail to see the hidden truth?

To the runners: you’re better than you think. Your mind can easily twist a mere occurrence and make it bigger in your imagination. Your body lies to you too. Truth is you’re not feeling lazy,  what’s really happening is the distance you feel from what is and what potential can be.

To the runners: your heart is desperately wicked. You must protect it from the lies that loom over it. If not careful, we too can be master manipulators, dictators, and crazy control freaks. You think, as long as you can control a situation, it won’t get out of hand. But, Usually, the very things we try to control, are the very things that spiral uncontrollably. Let it go! It’s important to allow things and people to find their way. After all, everyone has their journey and their own process of becoming.

To the runner: you’re beautiful, you’re enough, and your value is far beyond any worldly thing that you use to define your beauty. Real beauty is from within. Take the time necessary to learn the treasure that awaits you deep within your soul. It’s in your heart’s treasure box you will find the tools you need to confront the very things you run from.

To the runners: stop running aimlessly, run with purpose, run with a direction already set in mind? After all, all messengers are runners so be aware of your story.

I’m just speaking out loud in my process of becoming…


Signing Out,

~Esther Lynn~


Timing, something we all struggle with–reminded by reading this blog post that my strength will never be enough.

Micah Speaks

I’m convinced that our biggest issue, when pursuing our dreams, is timing. We get this huge revelation of what we are supposed to do in life and we run with it, rarely taking the time to figure out what it requires. We develop this plan of how we will go about living out our dream, but in our plan there is just one factor — I. I will make a difference. I will change lives. I … I …. I. The problem here is that nobody in all of human history has ever accomplished anything alone — and if they claim to have, they are “big, fat” liars. Since we live in a world surrounded by people, other people will always affect how we live out our dreams. So, not only do we have to be ready, but that will be impacted must be ready as well. This means we…

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Don’t Hold Your Breath

Encouraged by this blog post written by Micah Josiah!

Micah Speaks

This morning I woke up and breathed. In that instant, I realized that air (oxygen) is something I take for granted every single moment of the day. The most essential element for life surrounds us all the time. Yet, we passively breath it in and out, rarely acknowledging that without it we die. This alone proves that God loves us. Every breath is a reminder that He is mindful of us and aware of our needs at every given moment. For many of us this is hard to comprehend, because we can’t see Him. But we can’t see the air either. That doesn’t stop us from breathing it in — allowing it to fill us up and give us life. Maybe that’s what trust is about. Believing in the goodness of something (or someone) that you can’t see. After all, who holds their breath and rejects the air just because…

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1 Year Anniversary


I can hardly believe it today is my one-year anniversary in Korea! Wow, time really flew by! I must say this has been the most exhilarating, life changing, and challenging adventure I’ve ever been on. However, I’ll forever be grateful for this opportunity abroad because it has shaped me in ways I never would have imagined.

Prior to moving to Korea, if you did not know me well, I assume people would have perceived me as someone that was relatively quiet, snobbish, and self-absorbed. In retrospect, I would say people assumptions about me were correct. I was very much to myself and life revolved mainly around me and mine. I would say my biggest identity flaw was the “I” syndrome. Often my siblings and cousins would get mad at me for always thinking about myself and what was convenient for me. (Yeah, I drove a lot of people crazy.)

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